Infrastructure Developers Forum (IDF)

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of the Infrastructure Developers Forum (IDF) is to gather a diverse group of small-scale entrepreneurs active in the development of wireless infrastructure and create a forum for education, networking, and sharing of ideas among the group in such areas as development, finance, and management of wireless infrastructure.

Specifically, the IDF:

  • Provides a forum for information exchange on the “state-of-the-art” in the wireless infrastructure development field
  • Develops and maintains an informational and response capability for addressing development problems and opportunities
  • Provides an appropriate focus on the major goals and issues
  • Provides input to impact and influence community attitudes and lifestyles regarding development of wireless infrastructure
  • Applies research to innovative applications in planning for infrastructure
  • Seeks meaningful ways for all IDF members to interact with each other
  • Capitalizes upon the efforts of WIA’s membership talent to strengthen the Forum’s overall impact and thrust.

Value of Forum Participation

IDF members play a critical role in building wireless infrastructure that enables the next generation of wireless networks to reach consumers at home, work and school, bridging the digital divide.

Participation in the IDF offers four key value propositions:

  1. Professional and Organizational Development
  2. Forum for Industry Issues
  3. Networking
  4. Community Impact

Eligibility Criteria, Responsibilities and Expectations of a Forum Member

Diversity within the IDF membership is designed to enrich the discussion and sharing of ideas and lessons learned, which is a core value proposition of the IDF. Accordingly, the Forum will strive to achieve a balance of members both geographically and across such disciplines as development, professional services, academic/not-for-profit/government, and finance.

Two important membership criteria, however, are 1) that participation in the IDF is a benefit available only to WIA members in good standing and 2) is contingent upon payment of yearly membership dues and Forum Affiliation Fees.

Although WIA membership is a corporate membership, membership in the IDF is an individual membership and is not transferable to other members of the corporation. Forum members are required to regularly attend and actively participate in Forum meetings. Forum members may not miss two consecutive meetings. The IDF meets twice yearly for a half-day of private meetings. One meeting will be held in conjunction with WIA’s annual Connectivity Expo or Connect (X).

For attendance at Forum meetings to be counted, three conditions must be met:

  1. Because the IDF meets during WIA’s annual Wireless Infrastructure Show, each IDF member must be registered for WIA’s Wireless Infrastructure Show
  2. Each Forum member must attend the Forum meeting in person for a minimum of four hours; sending a substitute is not permitted
  3. Each Forum member must sign an attendance sheet during the Forum meeting as this provides the only record of one’s attendance.

The following are expectations of Forum members:

  • WIA membership must be current and Forum Affiliation Fee paid within 60 days following appointment in order to remain on the Forum
  • Forum members agree to remain on the Forum for a period of two years.
  • Attend semi-annual Forum meetings and participate as speakers and panelists on topics of relevance and importance to the group
  • Contribute to WIA publications through the contribution of articles and papers
  • Participate as Committee/Subcommittee/Task Force members, if so appointed
  • Participate in Research and Education Programs
  • Promote excellence in programming during the Forum meetings by soliciting the highest quality of industry leader to serve as a guest speaker/panelist
  • Honor the confidentiality of the topics discussed in order to foster and preserve a culture of openness and sharing of lessons learned, and mistakes made for the benefit of all members.

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