huber suhner

By devops

Governed by the philosophy of “Excellence in Connectivity Solutions”, HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces high-quality electrical and optical connections. Their commitment to reliability and focus on sophistication makes them a leader in three technologies: radio frequency, fiber-optics and low frequency.

The longstanding experience and know-how of their engineers allow HUBER+SUHNER to operate on a global scale, yet with a local approach according to each market. As a one-stop-shop for connectors, cables, cable assemblies, cable systems antennas and lightning protectors in our three core technologies, HUBER+SUHNER can address clients’ needs for trans-technological solutions in the communication, transportation and industrial markets.

HUBER+SUHNER maintains its competitiveness by continuously innovating products and services in an environmentally beneficial and sustainable manner., while adding new technologies and abilities to their portfolio of competences to ensure long-term success.