By devops

iLOQ is a sustainable technology company that delivers digital cloud-based access management services around the world. Using NFC-enabled mobile access technology and secure cloud-based access sharing, iLOQ developed the first lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone. Taking keys, batteries and excess wiring out of the equation solves security issues facing the utilities industry, simplifies daily functions and ensures significant operational cost savings. Access rights are sent remotely and in real time to service personnel’s mobile phones, and they can be quickly and easily updated and removed to ensure only the right people have access to the right sites at the right times. The management of multiple (and remote) locations is conveniently consolidated under one easy-to-use software platform. With a smartphone acting as both a key and a power source, utilities eliminate maintenance costs related to changing batteries and save time, money and the environmental impact of service personnel travelling between administration offices and sites to pick up and return keys.