John Brogan

By Marshall Miller

John has been employed by WIA for nearly 20 years.  During that time, he has served as a senior analyst for the PCIA Microwave Clearinghouse and as a senior analyst for WIA’s Frequency Coordination Services.   While working with the PCIA Microwave Clearinghouse, John worked with PCS carriers to establish a cost-sharing mechanism for the relocation of microwave links and tracked money owed from one PCS carrier to another in the 1.9 & 2.1 GHz microwave bands.   Now working with Frequency Coordination Services, he assists clients in obtaining FCC radio licenses while also being a resource of regulatory requirements for the licensing process.

Before coming to WIA, John spent nearly a decade in the hospitality industry where he developed strong customer service skills and techniques that he utilizes everyday with Frequency Coordination Services.