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A Salute to the Wireless Infrastructure Industry’s Military Veterans

As the nation pauses in November to honor our veterans and reflect on the sacrifices each of them have made for our freedom, the Wireless Infrastructure Association also recognizes the many U.S. military veterans who have transitioned into civilian careers in our industry.

Service in the military builds a variety of skills that translate well into careers in the telecom industry – communication, problem-solving, teamwork and perseverance, to name a few. Likewise, the wireless industry offers meaningful jobs that are a good fit for veterans, from climbing towers to designing networks and leading projects, teams and companies.

As the nation recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of all veterans throughout history and today, WIA salutes all of the veterans working hard to keep our communities connected and is proud to support them. We asked veterans working at our member companies to reflect upon their service and what they learned during their time in the military that prepared them for their eventual career path. Read their thoughts below.

Jason Allen innovate5G VeteranJason Allen

Vice President of Customer Programs, innovate5G Inc.
United States Navy, 1991 – 1995

“Achieving goals in the wireless industry is about achieving daunting missions, be it technically, politically or fiscally. Wireless strategies of the country are a national mission these days and that is where veterans excel in making the impossible seem undaunting and effectively progressing the mission critical infrastructure of United States.”


Bo Brauer VeteranBo Brauer VeteranBo Brauer

Telecommunications Training Specialist, National Technologies
United States Air Force, 2005-2014

“I served in the Air Force for 9 years (2005-2014) as a Cable & Antenna Technician in Engineering and Installation Squadrons. I deployed two times in support of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I’m sharing the skills I learned while defending this great country in my role as a training specialist with the NTI team.”


Erik Brooks, PMP, MCPM

Operations Manager, Communications Tower Group LLC
Sergeant, United States Air Force

“I come from a family that believes in service for your country. Between seven of us, we have 100 years. I went straight into wireless back in 1979 as a tower climber for the USAF and have been involved with wireless communications to this day. My career in the USAF has opened doors for quite a few telecommunication companies and I enjoyed being part of their fast-paced environment. In telecom, skills can be taught, but you’ll need good people skills to begin the career. Getting my education and certifications in project management has help me immensely. Communications is changing so quickly, and I feel that is one of the greatest aspects of this career. In my early days in the Air Force, one of my leaders said, ‘In order to be successful in telecom, learn a little bit about a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.’ ”


Dale Caswell

Assembler, Aero Wireless Group
Military Service: E-4, US Air Force, Computer Operator, Omaha, Nebraska

“The wireless infrastructure industry is a great career path for veterans because it is a stable industry with excellent growth potential.”


Shaun Clark Aurora Insight VeteranShaun Clark

DevOps Manager Security, Aurora Insight
Technical Sergeant (Retired), United States Air Force

“The wireless industry is a great option for veterans because there are so many opportunities to continue problem-solving and making a difference. The wireless industry provides career paths that allow veterans to be a part of dynamic teams and gain exposure to various business units.”


Todd Corley Digital Bridge VeteranTodd Corley

HR Analyst, DigitalBridge Group, Inc.
Specialist (E-4), U.S. Army

“With the wireless infrastructure industry constantly evolving, veterans’ ability to adapt,  work within a team or lead, while working with different levels of management make for an excellent union.”


Stephen Cullen

VP of Operations, Aero Wireless Group
Colonel, U.S. Air Force

“The wireless infrastructure industry is a great opportunity for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers because it provides opportunity to apply what was learned in the military in another leading-edge technology sector.”


Jake I. DeHerrera

CAD Designer, Aero Solutions LLC
123rdSignal Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, E5/Sergeant, Army, Korea, Ft. Carson, Colo., Wurzberg, Germany, U.S. Army

“I believe the wireless infrastructure industry is a great career choice for veterans because of the teamwork involved in creating successful products. Likewise in the Army, and the other branches, teamwork is crucial to mission completion and success.”


Jeffrey Flynn

Production Planner, Comptek Technologies
Corporal, E-4, United States Marine Corps

“The wireless infrastructure industry offers continued development in an ever growing and fundamental part of the world. Wireless communication offers development for people around the globe, and being a part of this is personally as well as professionally rewarding.”


Fors National Technologies VeteranMitchell Fors

National Technologies

“I served 9 years as a Ranger. I was a machine gunner and then my squad’s designated marksman. My time in service I believe I can sum up in a few short words. It was an honor and privilege to have fought beside so many great soldiers, marines, and corp-men. I have no regrets other than I only wish I could have stayed the full 20. My service was amazing being that I was able to travel all over the globe and visit 11 different countries. I will never forget my time nor will I forget the brave men and women I served with! Rangers lead the way!”

Bob Glosson Vertical Bridge VeteranBob Glosson

SVP of Real Estate Solutions, Vertical Bridge
Staff Sergeant, US Air Force (PA Air National Guard)

“The teamwork and camaraderie in the wireless infrastructure industry reminds me so much of all of the great times I had during my six years in uniform. The industry is a special kind of family.”



Jarek Hamilton OneVizion VeteranJarek Hamilton

Senior Customer Success Engineer, OneVizion, Inc.
Aviation Machinist’s Mate Airman, United States Navy

“Telecoms is a fast-paced industry – it requires people to think on their feet and have a good understanding of the needs of the future. You can’t fall into the trap of doing things the same way forever, and I think most veterans would appreciate this constantly evolving nature of our business.”


 Juan Huezo veteranJuan Huezo

Site Acquisition Specialist, Advantage Engineers
U.S. Army, 1988-1992

“I was active in the Army from 1988 to 1992 and finished in the Reserves. At that time, I was deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I was with The Corp of Engineers, and we did all aspects of construction from operating heavy equipment to picking up a hammer. Of course, being a soldier came first. Additionally, I helped rebuild Kuwait after it was destroyed. I took great pride in representing our country while working to bring some sort of normalcy to Kuwait. I loved being part of an incredible team known as the US Army and now I take that pride in being part of this team.”


Nathaniel Lajoie Digital Bridge Veteran

Nathaniel Lajoie

Staff Accountant, DigitalBridge Group, Inc.
Seargent E-5, U.S. Army

“Veterans gain many valuable skills throughout their service, and values that stay with them in all future pursuits. They have gained experience working in fast paced, evolving, and changing environments. Combined with an ability to work well within a team, mentor, lead, and follow directions from superiors, the wireless infrastructure industry is a great a career choice for veterans to put their military skills to use. ”


Dan Lawrence Veteran Dan Lawrence

Training Specialist, National Technologies
25 years, United States Marine Corps

“I served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps, both as an enlisted Marine and an officer, and retired as a Major. My primary role was electronics maintenance, but I also served as an executive officer, operations officer, and martial arts instructor. I deployed all over the globe, serving in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Korea, and many other places. It was an honor to serve.”


Jim Lilienfeld ADRF VeteranJim Lilienfeld

Manager, Sales and Business Development, Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF)
Major, U.S. Army Ordnance Corps

“The wireless infrastructure industry is an excellent career choice for veterans where high speed and low drag is a way of life. Throughout their tour of service, most military personnel are exposed to state-of-the-art electronic communications technology giving them a great handle on technology. Our industry is always looking for new members to join their team that have a great work ethic, a ‘make-it-happen, can-do’ attitude, and a willingness to learn new technology.  Military personnel are well-tuned to fast-changing conditions, like those in the wireless industry, and can pivot to meet the demands of the market. The military engrains their members to always be flexible, and the wireless industry is always looking for new leaders to do the same. The wireless industry is global, so military veterans that are used to traveling will find opportunities to do so. Lastly, our great military is full of heroes that honor us with their service. They are always willing to pay it forward and provide this same service to First Responders by supporting the wireless industry in deployment of public safety and commercial wireless systems to ensure their safety. Through their efforts, they make life more secure and safe for all citizens of the United States.”


Ryan Luther Windtalker VeteranRyan “Lex” Luther

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Wind Talker Innovations
Lt. Col. (retired), United States Air Force

“Many veterans have become wireless communications and network connectivity experts through proven combat experience. Veterans have experience in global, degraded and contested wireless environments. These challenges make the wireless industry a great fit for many veterans, as they understand basic RF theory and know how that applies to physical environments and wireless performance. The wireless industry has a lot to offer just like our veterans and they’re a perfect fit in many cases.”


Ken Monblatt Tilson veteranKen Monblatt TilsonKen Monblatt

Vice President of Consulting, Tilson Technology Management
E3 Airman, United States Navy, 3 years active service and 3 years reserves, Rescue Swimmer (SAR – Sea Air Rescue)

“The wireless industry is a great choice for veterans because core to both military experience and this industry are integrity, adaptability, and teamwork. These guiding principles, which are taught and ingrained into every veteran, are also the top traits that wireless leaders lean on daily due to the fast-paced, ever-changing, and growing industry. The combination of accelerating technology and business growth within the wireless industry drives the need for these and many more core veteran capabilities. This is one of the most exciting and interesting industries to apply a veteran’s problem-solving skills in an impactful way.” Visit Tilson’s military and veterans page to learn more about career opportunities at the company.


Jad Muntasser Windtalker VeteranJad Muntasser

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Wind Talker Innovations
HM2 E-5, United States Navy

“The wireless industry is great for veterans because of how fast the technology changes. This is a phenomenal operational environment and after my time in the Navy, I feel my experience problem solving in dynamic environments translates well to the wireless industry.”


Dale Neueschwander Tilson Veteran Dale Neuenschwander Tilson


Lead Maintenance Technician, Tilson Technology Management
Master Sergeant, United States Air Force, 12 years active service and 19 years reserves (SSGT Communication and Navigation Specialist and later a Space Systems Maintenance Engineer)

“There are so many different aspects of the wireless industry that are great for veterans – there are almost endless job opportunities because there is a great need for skilled workers. There is a growing demand for building better systems to support the need for broadband so that everyone has access to it.” Learn more about military and veteran opportunities at Tilson.


Peterson Boingo VeteranDr. Derek Peterson

Chief Technology Officer, Boingo Wireless
Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force

“The military instills the value of service and reinforces the importance of protecting freedom. Communication is a fundamental right and a basis of freedom. In the wireless industry, we continue this mission—working day in and day out to design, build and manage wireless networks that help people around the world stay connected and have access to life-changing communication tools.”


Bobby Thomas NBC Veteran Mark Reynolds

Associate Director IT Voice , University of New Mexico
Staff Sargent, United States Air Force, AUTOVON

“I grew up in electronics since the early ’70s and playing in a band was amazed by our manager that built the amplifiers and worked for AMPEX Corporation. This drove me learn more about electronics, joining the USAF in 1973 (Vietnam Era), went to AUTOVON class and then into the field at Torrejon AFB, station at a TROPO site at: Los Santos De La Humosa, providing telephone communications for the AFB and to the ROTA then under ocean cable back to the United States and also a TROPO shot to France for international communications for the USAF.  My one experience that was a highlight was installing a phone for Henry Kissinger as he flew over Spain in case he was needed by the President of the United States. When I left the USAF, I stayed in the electronic, network, wireless communications fields ending up at the University of New Mexico and higher education for 39 years this year. The choice to go to the USAF versus college was based on factors of my parents not being from academia and not knowing how to approach college, so I chose the USAF and there are many that have gone in the same paths and many stories to share but easily were able to go into the wireless infrastructure with the ‘best training one could get in the military.”


Bobby Thomas

Construction Project Manager, Network Building + Consulting LLC
Sergeant, United Stated Marine Corps

“The wireless industry is a great place for Veterans to find a multitude of careers that bring both adventure and a sense of accomplishment much like the military. It also gives a sense of public servitude by working hard every day to deliver a better wireless infrastructure for the American people.”


Embly Thomas Veteran Embly Thomas


National Technologies
Communications NCO; Cartographer (map maker); Nuclear, Biological, Chemical NCO Paratrooper, U.S. Army

“I deployed to Desert Shield/ Desert Storm with the XVIII Airborne Corps, spent time assigned to the 82d Airborne Division, two tours to Germany, one tour to Korea, and numerous military bases here in the United States.”


Charles Webster Tilson VeteranCharles Webster Tilson Charles Webster

Safety Director, Tilson Technology Management
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, 11 years active service and 4 years reserves (Field Artillery Officer and later ROTC Instructor and ROTC Brigade Operations Officer)

“The wireless infrastructure industry is a can’t miss choice for veterans. The skills that we learned, or continue to build upon for Reserve/National Guard members, are transferrable if not directly than in the leadership and perseverance necessary to excel in our industry. We practice active caring at Tilson, meaning we look out for each other and never let a colleague go it alone, a culture that came directly from our service. Prior service will always feel at home here. This field provides an opportunity to gain responsibility quickly and move up in an organization based upon your skills and desire.” Sound like the military? Come join us!


Jeff White Veteran

Jeff White Veteran

Jeff White

TSQ, National Technologies
Aviation Electrician, United States Marine Corps

“I served 5 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. I was an aviation electrician on the CH-53 helicopter. I served all over the United States and globally. I was part of the NATO support in Bosnia in 1998. It was an amazing experience that shaped my life and I am proud I did my part for this country.”


James Williams

Advantage Engineers
Infantry Soldier, United States Army, 6 years

“As an Infantry soldier, I served in the field, working to defend our country against any threats on the ground. I captured, destroyed, and deterred enemy forces. I assisted in reconnaissance and helped mobilize troops and weaponry to support the mission as the ground combat force.”