Workforce Solutions

The Leader in Training the Broadband Workforce

WIA specializes in working with government, education, and industry stakeholders to develop workforce solutions for the broadband industry. We are a hub for broadband workforce training and apprenticeship resources.

Our workforce initiatives include:

Providing Industry-Leading Education & Training

TEC is a dynamic learning program offering world-class training, resources, and career development. Through TEC, WIA is the leading developer of training and curriculum for the broadband industry, offering 40+ courses tailored to the training, education, and professional development needs of the industry.

Expanding Registered Apprenticeship

TIRAP is a federally recognized, competency-based apprenticeship program. Through TIRAP, WIA provides technical assistance, training resources, support, and access to incentive funding for our registered Employer Sponsors.

Leading Sector-Based Partnerships for Workforce Development

As an experienced industry intermediary, WIA convenes employers, education and training providers, and state workforce systems, serving as a liaison to identify skills gaps, create industry-focused curricula on broadband technologies, and implement workforce development programs.

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Cutting-edge education and training for the broadband industry

Through the Telecommunications Education Center (TEC), WIA develops and delivers cutting-edge education and training programs for the broadband industry, like the first-of-its-kind “5G Readiness Program,” piloted at Youngstown State University and Ashland University in Ohio.

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Helping states lead effective sector-based partnerships for broadband workforce development

As the leading developer of industry-driven curricula and training for broadband, WIA was selected as the Industry Intermediary to lead Ohio’s “Broadband and 5G Sector Partnership” alongside The Ohio State University. In this role, WIA helps Ohio State lead the Partnership in creating curricula on broadband and 5G technologies and serves as a liaison between industry stakeholders and government and education stakeholders to provide insights while planning and executing training programs for the state.

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