Professional Services Forum

The Professional Services Forum (PSF) brings together a diverse group of professionals active in providing project management, regulatory, engineering and other services to the wireless infrastructure ecosystem to create a forum for networking, education,
and information-sharing among industry leaders. The group includes experts in multiple areas, including project planning, engineering, site acquisition, zoning/permitting, and other services provided to wireless carriers and infrastructure
companies that build, operate and maintain wireless infrastructure.

The activities of the PSF are driven by the interests and needs of PSF members, which may include:

  • Providing a forum for information exchange on the “state-of-the-art” and emerging trends in wireless infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Gaining insight from experts on critical federal and state policy issues that directly affect the industry
  • Addressing programs and strategies designed to effectively attract and maintain high-quality employees
  • Identifying best practices to address common administrative and operational challenges
  • Applying research to innovative applications in infrastructure planning
  • Identifying capital raising strategies

Value of Forum Participation

Participation in the PSF offers three key value propositions:

  1. Professional and organizational development
  2. Educational forum on critical business and policy issues
  3. Networking

Although WIA membership is a corporate membership, membership in this forum is an individual membership and is not transferable to other members of the corporation. Multiple members of the company may be approved to participate at the
discretion of the Chair. The Forum intends to meet once yearly for a half-day of private meetings at WIA’s annual Connect (X) event, and additionally as necessary.

Contact for more information.