WIA Team

The team at the Wireless Infrastructure Association is constantly working on behalf of the wireless industry through public affairs and advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our staff are here to fulfill the mission of WIA by helping our members succeed in enabling connectivity everywhere.

Tim House
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Marta Sokol
Chief Financial Officer
Mike Saperstein
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & Chief Strategy Officer
Don Andrew
Vice President, Frequency Coordination and Spectrum Management
Deb Bennett
Vice President, Apprenticeship
Amelia De Jesus
Vice President, Workforce Solutions
Tracy Ford
Vice President, Member Services
Jason Nelson
Vice President, Partnerships and Development
Karmen Rajamani
Vice President, Government Affairs
Sarah Channon
Director of Sales and Business Development
Ashley Jackson
Director, State Wireless Association
Trish Wildt
Director, Meetings and Events
Stephen Keegan
Senior Counsel, Government and Legal Affairs
LaShena Honore, CPA
Matt Stine, CPA
Senior Manager, Finance and Technology
Kristen Beckman
Manager, Member Relations
Alex Golden
Project Manager, Workforce Development
Rachael Hill
Project Manager of Apprenticeship
Sara Lang
Senior Manager, Workforce Solutions
Lauren Madelmayer
Manager, Meetings and Events
Marshall Miller
Senior Manager, Communications and Digital Engagement
Katherine J. Peterson
Manager, Office and Finance
Jan Smith
Manager, Business Development
Andrew Barbour
Senior Analyst, Frequency Coordination
Michael Barrett
Senior Associate, Sales and Business Development
John Brogan
Senior Analyst, Frequency Coordination
Francine Cook
Senior Analyst, Frequency Coordination
Sara Griffith
Senior Accountant
Jonathan LeMaire
Associate, Sales and Business Development
Madeline Sorg
Associate, Government Affairs
Shay Harris
Staff Coordinator & Executive Assistant