Fiber: An Essential Facet of the Connected Community

By WIA Team

Consumers are preparing for the new opportunities offered by the rollout of fifth-generation (5G) technology and the broader Internet of Things it enables. The backbone of these new communications tools is fiber connectivity. Fiber that is deployed both aerially and underground is essential to 5G. Challenges to fiber deployments exist in several areas. Access to the right-of-way (ROW) is often an obstacle in terms of time and of cost. Municipalities face their own hurdles, including having robust permitting procedures and adequate staff in place, which can delay deployments. However, municipalities can adopt practices that promote transparency, foster trust among stakeholders, and allow efficiencies that save time, money, and promote connectivity. This report will study the role of fiber in next-generation connectivity, and address actions that could help bring connectivity to Americans to maximize the advantages that come from a 5G rollout.

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Fiber: An Essential Asset of the Connected Community