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WIA Applauds President Biden for Signing Historic Infrastructure Bill

ARLINGTON, Va. – Please attribute the following statement to WIA President and CEO, Jonathan Adelstein.

“I commend and thank President Biden for his leadership in delivering this bipartisan investment in American infrastructure. The bill signed today includes an unprecedented $65 billion for broadband expansion that will enable us to close the digital divide and win the global race to 5G.

“I’m especially thrilled the broadband funding explicitly heeds WIA’s call for technological flexibility which allows mobile and fixed wireless to compete for funding. And the bill prioritizes speed to deployment, as WIA suggested, so we can connect consumers more quickly that need broadband now, which wireless does best.

“I saw the benefits of flexibility firsthand during my time financing broadband projects as head of the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) in the Obama/Biden Administration. The guidance then-Vice President Biden gave me stands today: ‘Give yourselves more freaking flexibility.’

“This advice proved critical to the success of our program at RUS. By giving states flexibility to leverage all available technologies to close the digital divide, President Biden and Congress have the tools to get the job done.”  


About WIA:

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