Workforce Solutions

The Leader In Training the Telecommunications Workforce

As the world’s leading authority on all things wireless, WIA created the Telecommunications Workforce Center (TWC) as a hub for training and apprenticeship initiatives for the entire telecommunications industry. Our workforce initiatives include:

  • TIRAP. A federally recognized, competency-based apprenticeship program.  
  • Telecommunications Education Center (TEC). World-class training, resources, and career development.  
  • 5G Readiness Program. A certificate program that bundles training together for employers and educators to prepare workers for employment in broadband & 5G. 

As a state-of-the-art learning system, the TWC provides seamless management, content delivery, and tracking of employees and their learning plans.

WIA’s 5G Readiness is a first-of-its-kind program that provides industry-approved curriculum on the design and deployment of broadband infrastructure. The fast-track training is packaged for companies and education institutions to attract and train candidates for a career in 5G. 

Key elements include:  

  • Up to 80 hours of customizable content and flexible course delivery.  
  • Hands-on exercises coupled with eLearning and live instructor-led training. 
  • Bundled course materials, syllabi, and handouts and access to the learning management system.  
  • A “5G Readiness” Certificate from WIA for program graduates.

WIA’s Telecommunications Education Center (TEC) is a dynamic learning program devoted to improving education, quality of work, and safety within the telecommunications industry. With more than 35 industry-focused courses, TEC is the leading training resource for employers, educators, and individuals. 

TEC’s catalog of courses is developed by experts, educators, and industry leaders with decades of experience in the wireless industry. TEC provides cutting-edge training delivered to new and existing employees on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house training.  

TEC’s courses are available in-person, through eLearning, and via live webinars. These courses are valuable to employers, allowing them to strengthen their existing workforce by increasing productivity, performance, and employee retention. 

Recruiting and retaining workers is an increasing challenge. For a growing number of companies in the telecommunications industry, TIRAP is a big part of the solution. 

Registered Apprenticeship is a proven model for onboarding and upskilling workers. By establishing standards for on-the-job training and classroom learning, TIRAP is raising the bar for safety and quality within the industry.  

Since 2017, WIA has administered National Standards of Apprenticeship recognized by the United States Department of Labor for occupations established under the program. Graduates receive a national credential that certifies occupation proficiency and a path to career advancement. The result is a higher standard for workmanship, reduced turnover, and a highly motivated and engaged workforce.