20 Notable Black Americans in Telecom and Technology

After receiving a degree in Mathematics from St. Louis University in 1951, Roy Clay’s first job was as a schoolteacher. In 1965, after an intense day-and-a-half interview with Hewlett-Packard, Clay landed a position as the software development manager and lead developer for the HP 2116A minicomputer, which was the first computer sold by HP and only the second 16-bit computer to enter the world market. While there, Clay worked tirelessly to make the software ready for the market as quickly as the hardware, which defied the industry convention at the time. He also went on to become the first director of the HP Research and Development Computer Group, a relentless promoter for the development of Hewlett-Packard’s computer division, and the interim General Manager of HP’s computer division following the departure of Tom Perkins, who went on to co-found the iconic venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Source:  Rodl.com