ADA Solutions Provides Custom Mounting Bracket Systems for Varied Installations

ADA Solutions LLC specializes in providing standard and customized Distributed Antenna Sytem (DAS) bracket configurations for any and all deployments.  

The company’s mounting bracket system supports a wide variety of radio, antenna, battery backup and peripheral component configurations, and its line of standard brackets and concealment enclosures are compatible with a variety of radios, including Ericsson, Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) CommScope, Airharmony, and more. Brackets can also be customized to meet specific needs for mounting, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for wind and ice loading and Comptational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) reports if requested by customer. 

Antennas from CommScope, Kathrein, Amphenol and Galtronics are supported. Individual antenna mounts are configured to accept most antenna mounting hardware. 

ADA Solutions also provides aluminum concealment enclosures in a variety of colors (Powder Paint) and finishes, and lawn furniture, including galvanized steel cabinets that house radios, fiber interconnects and cooling fans. 

Advances in technology mean infrastructure must adapt to handle new equipment and technology ADA mounting brackets and concealment enclosures are built with both future radio styles and antenna mounts in mind along with the ability to expand for additional radios and equipment. 

Customers that want to mount a large number of radios on a structure can count on ADA Solutions to design a solution that fits their needs. Once the company has detailed information on what material is included, it can design a state-of-the-art solution that allows the owner of the struture to be confident in pole loading, thermals and aesthetics. 

Lake in the Hills, Illinoisbased ADA Solutions was founded ten years ago to fill a need for customized mounting solutions and site components.  

“It started with three individuals, all with their own unique talents within the industry working together to provide solutions not available from other suppliers,” the company said. “Together the team took their ideas and created manufacturing solutions for the industry and became managing partners of their own LLC.” 

The partners who built a company out of a need in the telecommunications industry are Al Smith, an account executive for a worldwide manufacturer of outside plant products, and former telephone lineman and cable splicer; Duncan MacGregor, who has worked for more than 35+ years in design, engineering, manufacturing and quality control for industry products; and Al Stearns, a 20+ year industry veteran who brings creativity and highly effective communications to the table for clients.  

ADA product design and cost-effectiveness is the the result of a collaborative effort – from concept to field installationamong the customer, the manufacturing plant and ADA’s design team, which has combined experience in the telcom sector totaling more than 100 years in design, manufacturing and outside plant (OSP). ADA Solutions boasts lead times of 3-4 weeks for existing product and 6 weeks for new.  All manufacturing facilities are capable of holding inventory of finished goods for distribution. 

ADA Solutions prides itself on working with customers to solve their unique needs. In one case, an existing customer was designing an upgrade to an installed network that required radios and associated equipment to be updated. The customer had installed ADA Solutions brackets in their initial build, and because ADA brackets are a modular design, all that was required to upgrade was a slight change to accommodate the new node material. The primary attachment to the structure, which is the largest portion of the bracket assembly, was left in place – a solution that saved the customer hundreds of dollars. 

ADA Solutions Lawn Furniture
ADA Solutions Lawn Furniture

The company also works hard to be a good neighbor and citizen within its community. The company found an opportunity to work with a non-profit organization near its manufacturing plant in Wisconsin that employs handicapped individuals. ADA Solutions worked with the organization to help build the pole extension products it offers for when extra height is needed on a deployment. Employees with the nonprofit install the antenna brackets to the extension, drill holes and attach mounting hardware. 

The company said it has never had a product returned and its experienced engineering design team and exceptional attention to quality in design, manufacturing, customer service and overall support set it apart in the market. 

The company’s products are built on Solid Works design platform and manufactured in the United States at facilities in Wisconsin and Alberta and Manitoba in Canada. 

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