Adelstein Praises Rubio Plan to Speed Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

June 11, 2014 / Alexandria, Virginia – Jonathan Adelstein, the President & CEO of PCIA – America’s wireless infrastructure association, today praised Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to introduce legislation aimed at promoting the deployment of wireless infrastructure.

“With today’s announcement, Senator Rubio is demonstrating urgently needed leadership in fostering innovation and helping to meet consumers’ burgeoning demand for wireless data. Senator Rubio prominently places his name atop a growing list of policymakers that support clearing hurdles to deployment of wireless broadband. The Senator’s approach recognizes the essential role of wireless infrastructure in expanding broadband capacity. Government should not be a barrier because Americans cannot afford a delay in wireless broadband deployment due to outdated and burdensome rules,” said Adelstein, a former FCC commissioner.

“Senator Rubio’s legislation will speed broadband connectivity to all parts of America by creating the policies necessary to ensure federal land can be appropriately utilized for broadband infrastructure deployment. As a former local official, he understands the partnership that is required to get antennas where they need to go, from small cells to larger facilities. His proposed legislation would eliminate unnecessary hurdles that slow the delivery of broadband services to the public. This legislation will pave the way for broadband investments that will create jobs, economic growth and enhance public safety,” added Adelstein.