Frequency Coordination Application Fees for 2022

Greetings WIA customers,

Effective April 19, 2022, the application fee schedule for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wireless radio license applications will be revised. Site-based land mobile services in the Industrial/Business Pool, and the Microwave Industrial/Business Pool will be affected. Governmental entities are exempt from paying FCC fees. The FCC did not change the associated regulatory fees in this order.

To view the March 23, 2022 Public Notice announcing the revised fee rates, please click here
To view the Report and Order along with additional FCC fee information, please visit fees in the Report and Order: Docx Pdf Txt

A summary of the new fees as they appear in APPENDIX B—Final Rules, follows

Site-Based ApplicationsNew Fee
New license, major modification$95
Extension Requests$50
Special temporary authority$135
Assignment/transfer of control, initial call sign$50
Assignment/transfer of control, each subsequent call sign, fee capped at 10 total call signs per application$35
Rule waivers associated with applications for assignment/transfer of control, per transaction, assessed on the lead application$380
Rule waiver not associated with an application for assignment/transfer of control$380
Spectrum leasing$35

If you have additional questions, please email me at the address below or email a member of the Frequency Coordination team. Thank you,

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