CommScope Compiles ‘How To’ Manual for LTE Implementation

March 16, 2015 / HICKORY, NC

CommScope’s wireless experts have created a concise, practical guide for navigating the challenges and opportunities in deploying LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless networks. The LTE Best Practices ebook, the second in CommScope’s ebook series, is filled with answers, tips and insights that will demystify LTE implementation complexity.

“CommScope has been intimately involved in nearly every major LTE roll-out from day one, learning side by side—and sometimes the hard way—with our network operator customers,” said Philip Sorrells, vice president, Strategic Marketing, CommScope. “This ebook will help network planners and designers address the unique requirements of LTE and help operators more quickly realize a return on their investments.”

The LTE Best Practices ebook covers 10 subject areas including noise and interference mitigation, co-siting, passive intermodulation (PIM) avoidance, distributed antenna system (DAS) implementation, microwave backhaul, small cells and more. Each chapter includes real-world advice for equipment selection, environmental practices and network installation. The ebook is available free of charge after a brief registration and can be downloaded as an app on tablets and smartphones.

The company’s previously issued ebook, Understanding the RF Path, details radio frequency (RF) communications and wireless networks in general. It is part of CommScope’s ongoing effort to offer engaging educational content to the wireless industry. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy offers a comprehensive suite of online and in-person training resources to help organizations achieve high quality designs and installations. CommScope also regularly provides hands-on training courses for many of its solutions.

“I think most people would agree that LTE has driven the industry to new levels of performance, and with that, new challenges,” said Sorrells. “Collaboration has become such a vital ingredient in every successful LTE rollout, and in that spirit, we hope this LTE Best Practices ebook is a useful resource for the industry.”

Complete a brief registration to access the LTE Best Practices ebook.