Converged Services Launches Sustainable Technology Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Converged Services launches its sustainable technology solution nationwide.

Converged Services has provided scalable solutions to their clients for over 20 years, including sustainable technology, a proven, systematic method to improve the value of a community by implementing technology as an amenity. Through this program, we have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

Taking a holistic approach to evaluating a community through a free sustainable technology survey, Converged Services will recommend cost-savings or revenue gains for the following core programs and ancillary services: Bulk or Right-of-Entry Video and Internet Agreements, Smart Community Software for Management and Residents, LED Fixtures Upgrades, and Auditing Utilities such as Waste / Trash Removal, Water Consumption / Smart Irrigation, Cell Towers / Rooftop Space and more. For example, in 2018, 95% of locations reviewed for Waste / Trash Removal saw savings by reviewing bill errors or fraudulent charges, overcharges, or over-serviced. When a small condominium community switched to Smart Water Irrigation, over a one-month period, they saw a 55% water savings with a total annual cash savings of over $40,000.

Leo Delgado, Founder and President of Converged Services, announced that he is “thrilled to have this program available to our clients, which will save communities hundreds of millions of dollars.” Delgado continued, “We don’t get paid unless we bring additional revenue or realized savings to our clients and their communities. We are confident that communities will benefit for our experience implementing the latest technologies and integrated amenities solutions for management and residents.” To begin your free sustainable technology survey to bring cost-savings or revenue gains to your community or communities, call Converged Services at 954.767.0185 or email

About Converged Services: Converged Services, Inc. was founded in 1997 to advise and negotiate competitive telecommunications agreements. As the industry changes, Converged Services continues to focus on delivering solutions tailored to clients’ needs to effectively reduce costs through smart home technology, creating operational efficiencies to simplify the lifecycle for residents and staff, and helping clients achieve the greatest competitive advantages and revenue streams. Converged Services provides local acumen in the provider and technology space with a national presence in the high-level decision-making process. For more information, Converged Services visit

SOURCE Converged Services, Inc.