Enhanced Productivity, Connectivity, Accessibility Drive Wireless Technology

May 20, 2014 / Orlando, FL – Wireless technology will increase productivity in the growing global economy, enhance mobile connectivity, and broaden access in rural and emerging markets. Solutions for the burgeoning data crunch are being addressed today at the 2014 Wireless Infrastructure Show produced by PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association.

Ericsson, Qualcomm, AT&T and others are expected to explore approaches for creating the advanced infrastructure that will enable future networks in order to serve an estimated 25 billion connected devices by 2020.

Industries are transforming their products and services so that they can access the many benefits that wireless service provides. One such industry is automotive. During the Wireless Infrastructure Show renowned automobile expert Alan Taylor will outline how the auto industry is implementing wireless to make the driving experience safer, gain real-time maintenance data, and deliver more options in telematics and infotainment.

“Wireless is transformative,” said Tim House, PCIA executive vice president. “With each advance in wireless technology, new economies emerge, people are safer, more productive and more prosperous. It is our great privilege to serve the companies that build wireless networks and bring them all together under one roof at our event.”

Those benefits are most evident in emerging markets where the demand for wireless infrastructure is growing exponentially every year. With 3.7 million people expected to visit Brazil for the 2014 World Cup Boingo Wireless created a distributed antenna system network at Sao Paulo International Airport, the largest in South America. During the Wireless Infrastructure Show panel discussion about preparing for the world’s biggest sporting events, Zach Sterngold, Boingo Vice President Latin America, will detail how deploying more than 400 access points, creating an ad-supported free Wi-Fi service for travelers, and Next Generation Hotspots will provide seamless and secure Wi-Fi access.

Other topics to be explored include: indoor wireless network design; machine-to-machine; 5G – the next generation of wireless; meeting rural demands; and the wireless policy climate in 2014.

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About The Wireless Infrastructure Show
The Wireless Infrastructure Show attracts 100+ exhibitors, and nearly 2,000 thought leaders and industry innovators from across the wireless infrastructure ecosystem. With more than 35 lectures, panels, round-tables, and special events on a comprehensive selection of industry topics taught by leading industry experts along with the dynamic exhibit hall WIS showcases all of the most relevant infrastructure development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward.

About PCIA
PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association is the principal trade association representing the companies that make up the wireless telecommunications infrastructure industry. Its members include the carriers, infrastructure providers and professional services firms that own and manage more than 130,000 telecommunications facilities throughout the world.

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