Everest Infrastructure pioneers battery-free smart locks with iLOQ in the US telecommunications industry

iLOQ’s solution features the first industrial, battery-free smart-lock solution. iLOQ’s lock acquires operating energy from the NFC field generated by a smart device to provide access. This innovation removes physical keys, batteries, and excess wiring from the solution, and ensures maximum security while assuming zero maintenance and minimizing ongoing costs.

Everest Infrastructure Partners owns and markets thousands of wireless infrastructure locations that help connect today’s rapidly evolving communications networks.

“In partnership with iLOQ, Everest identified an operational solution to better protect our assets, obtain superior access intelligence at our sites, and provide enhanced ease of site access to our customers.  We are delighted to partner with iLOQ to become the first US tower owner using battery-free smart locks. With our rapidly expanding portfolio, it is essential to deliver our customers the highest quality of service and protection,” states Matt Newton, CEO of Everest Infrastructure Partners.

“We have already deployed our ground-breaking, battery-free locking systems in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Thanks to this partnership with Everest, we are honored to also be entering the US market,” concludes Joni Lampinen, General Manager, iLOQ USA.

More information
Michael Armour, Senior Project Manager, Operations, Everest Infrastructure Partners
Tel: (412) 708-7000
Email: Michael.Armour@EverestInfrastructure.com

Joni Lampinen, General Manager, iLOQ USA
Tel: +1 914 774 3919
Email: joni.lampinen@iloq.com

About iLOQ
iLOQ has become a technology leader in the security industry by replacing outdated mechanical locking devices to revolutionize site security. Battery and cable-free smart locks maximize security, minimize lifecycle costs and enhance the value and sustainability of properties and infrastructures. iLOQ operates in more than 55 countries with over 1,800 partner locations globally. In 2023, iLOQ had a turnover of €141.3 million and more than 320 employees. www.iloq.com 

About Everest Infrastructure Partners
Wireless connectivity is rapidly changing the world. Utilizing a data-driven approach, Everest has developed one of the largest and most efficient aggregation platforms focused exclusively on Wireless Infrastructure assets. We are a creative and entrepreneurial team, with a culture of high performance, agility, and commitment. Our Vision is to become the global partner of choice for wireless infrastructure assets. To achieve this vision, we embrace technology evolution to deliver exceptional value to our network provider customers, their wireless communications users, and all participants in the growth of mobile infrastructure networks. Owning or marketing more than 2,500 communications tower sites in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal, Everest has raised capital commitments of more than $1.5 billion since its inception in 2015, making it one of the wireless industry’s fastest growing and largest private tower companies. www.everestinfrastructure.com