From Our Blog: WIA CTO Dr. Rikin Thakker on new technology and workforce training

It’s an exciting time to be part of the wireless infrastructure industry as new spectrum comes to market, new technologies change the way we live and work, and connectivity takes on new importance during a time when in-person engagement has been disrupted. At this juncture of pivotal momentum, the need for a skilled and trained workforce to build out our nation’s wireless infrastructure has never been more apparent, especially as companies prepare to meet the demands of 5G. Achieving that goal, however, is not a small challenge. It will require analyzing the impacts of future 5G use cases and close monitoring of spectrum and broadband policies to provide recommendations on broadband infrastructure deployment strategies. That’s why I am thrilled to have joined the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) as Chief Technology Officer, where I will help WIA members and their CTO offices identify future technology trends and shape their products and services to make them ready for 5G and beyond.  

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