How fixed mobile convergence improves QoS across Wi-Fi® and 5G networks

Wi-Fi Alliance® is committed to delivering a high-quality connectivity experience through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy, and innovative technologies. Key to this effort is giving service providers the information they need to optimize networks and deliver value added services to their customers, such as video streaming, smart home systems, and home security — all while reducing overall costs. Service providers are turning to fixed mobile convergence (FMC) to streamline their operations and ensure multi-access connectivity over wired or wireless networks while offering converged data services to their customers. In order to deliver these value-added services reliably, operators need to apply consistent treatments across these networks. One way to achieve this is by applying consistent quality of service (QoS) treatments. Customer premises equipment (CPE) should be capable of translating QoS treatments between wired and wireless access networks and between Wi-Fi® and 5G access networks to provide a consistent and end-to-end QoS experience. Learn more about how FMC can enhance QoS by reading this executive summary or downloading the full Wi-Fi Alliance paper here.

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