InfraSite has signed a national Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with AT&T

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida January 30, 2020 – InfraSite has signed a national Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with ATT (AT&T Mobility, LLC), to construct, lease, and maintain cellular macro towers for ATT throughout the United States. The MLA agreement applies to proposed ATT macro tower sites as well as sites for communication affiliates who may wish to take part in the agreement. Under the terms of the MLA, ATT and its participating affiliates would lease the sites from InfraSite for an initial multiple year term, with several multi-year renewals.

“This agreement is very important because it signals that InfraSite is a recognized industry leader with macro tower capabilities that reach throughout the United States. Our innovations and technology development coupled with the Master Lease Agreement and ATT’s brand means businesses and consumers alike will be able to receive consistent, quality, and unsurpassed communications connectivity that is a mainstay of communications development within the next decade,” said Kevin T. Aycock, founder of InfraSite.

The ATT Master Lease Agreement adds to the master license agreement Infrasite signed with CSXT for potential use of sites across the CSXT rail system. Under the CSXT agreement, Infrasite is able to build new medium cell sites along the railroad right of ways without blocking the right of way access with fences and landscaping. Accordingly, Infrasite can build new 4G and 5G sites where other tower companies can’t build.

“Whether its along railroad rights of way or in locations throughout the nation, InfraSite’s reputation of being a solutions provider for the telecommunications industry and governmental/municipal clients is becoming more stellar. The uniqueness of our underground, waterproof and secure equipment storage system is designed for urban and similar areas requiring no hanging clutter, while maximizing space utilization, has proven to be unique in the 5G and 4G LTE communities. Couple that capability with our national affiliation with ATT for cell tower construction, and operation, and you begin to see an emerging trend of delivering success like no others in our industry,” added Aycock.

InfraSite debuted its patented underground “magic box” to the world and has received tremendous interest worldwide, including from local, state and other governmental agencies; transportation companies; as well as landowners and landlords all needing 4G and 5G technologies made possible by innovative cell towers.

InfraSite’s introduction of its proprietary underground equipment shelter comes as telecommunication carriers are racing to secure more broadcast towers after being empowered by the Federal Communications Commission’s decision that mandates municipalities nationwide provide new space for 5G deployments in public places. Many municipalities are fighting the decision. InfraSite’s underground boxes help to keep the peace by keeping public space less cluttered, more aesthetic and available for other uses while providing an alternative to network operators to provide excellent connectivity and better service to the community.

“You can expect to hear more news from InfraSite in the coming months as we are on a dedicated path to providing solutions within the telecommunications industry here in the United States and around the world,” concluded Aycock.

About InfraSite Infrastructure Solutions

InfraSite is a global company on the cutting edge of technology, that designs, develops and provides innovative infrastructure solutions for customers challenged with the need to place equipment in diverse environmental settings.

With its world headquarters based in South Florida, InfraSite has created a unique, patented solution for housing wireless, and other important infrastructure equipment underground, in a sealed, protected, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing way.

Compared to old fashioned approaches such as standard base station macro towers, roof-top installations and small cells, the “out-of-the-box” InfraSite solution enhances the network by bringing numerous benefits, including equipment protection, incremental revenues, increased safety, and preserved site aesthetics and property values.

InfraSite’s innovative infrastructure solutions are meticulously designed to support and address the needs of each stakeholder in various wireless infrastructure deployments from 4G LTE to 5G, mobile edge computing, and in particular, to benefit wireless carriers, municipalities, property owners, tenants, and communities.

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