Mosaik Launches Spectrum Report Providing the Most Comprehensive Data Set on U.S. Wireless Spectrum Landscape

MEMPHIS, TENN. – Developed for analysts, consulting groups, and M&A specialists, Mosaik’s new Spectrum Report offers a unique, comprehensive and tabulated data view into the dynamic wireless spectrum landscape of the United States. The Spectrum Report provides detailed information about who controls the mobile wireless spectrum at the county level as well as deep sub-county level details, which has proven invaluable to those who need granularity in making buying decisions.

In addition to offering an accurate look at the state of wireless spectrum holdings, the Spectrum Report takes the extra step of correlating licensee names to known companies, adding additional data, and compiles it into an easy-to-use format.

The Spectrum Report is available as a one-time purchase or in a subscription with monthly updates. For a limited time, new subscribers to the Spectrum Report will also receive access to Mosaik’s MapELEMENTS Mobile Licenses module, which allows users to visualize the geographic reach and depth of spectrum ownership for commercial mobile radio service bands. MapELEMENTS is Mosaik’s award-winning cloud-based service, which leverages multi-level network coverage, mobile licenses, worldwide mobile networks and an array of mapping options to enable better and faster business decisions.

The report data contains details on population density and demographics, market names, spectrum bands, licensed and total band MHz and much more. Available reports include the full Spectrum Report as a single purchase, as well as the following:

  • Full Report Subscription – Monthly delivery of the updated report (12 reports in all), includes a MapELEMENTS license with the Mobile Licenses module
  • Tier One Carrier Report – Top 4 national wireless operators in the U.S.
  • Report by Carrier – Single wireless operator of choice

“We developed the report based on feedback from clients who are interested in, and primarily use, tabular data to perform their analyses,” said John Gilmer, vice president of data integrity at Mosaik. “Created by a team with decades of telecom industry knowledge, the Spectrum Report provides a level of detail on available wireless spectrum unlike anything else in the market. We’re offering our clients a tremendous value by providing both a county by county summary view and a detailed breakout view at the sub-county level, allowing them to use the data as they best see fit. We don’t just provide the data. We verify and make sense of the information, so that a broad range of organizations can easily understand the current wireless landscape and make more confident, informed business decisions.”

To learn more about the Spectrum Report, download a sample file for free.

For more information about the Spectrum Report, set up a meeting to meet the team during the Mobile Carriers Show 2017 in Las Vegas from April 5-7 where Mosaik will be exhibiting at booth #412. Details can be found at

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