Mosaik Provides Better Visibility for Mobile and Wi-Fi Network Providers to Improve Customer Loyalty

Measuring Quality of Service only goes so far – improving Network Quality of Experience (QoE) will help providers anticipate the challenges of tomorrow

MEMPHIS, TENN. – Feb. 19, 2016 – Mosaik – who provides network experience software and business intelligence services to 22 of the top 25 wireless carriers in North America, cable MSOs and some of the largest group operators in the world – has introduced a new approach to managing the Network Quality of Experience (QoE) to provide more granular, consumer perspectives into a constantly changing mobile and Wi-Fi environment.

Wireless network operators are faced with increasingly complex network challenges, while RAN-sharing/roaming partners and MVNOs have limited visibility into how their wholesale networks are performing. Today’s consumers are more device-dependent than ever, demanding transparency and excellent network experiences across mobile, Wi-Fi and global roaming networks.

Mosaik’s Network QoE services consist of robust data collection capabilities, custom and standard KPIs and multiple cloud-based reporting and visualization options to provide increased visibility into customer behavior and interactions with wireless networks today, helping providers anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Key capabilities include:

Contextual data methodologies and outputs based on varying needs of mobile and Wi-Fi service providers Remotely managed data collection triggers to ensure maximum analytical impact Fast to deploy applications on multiple mobile operating systems Deep industry and statistical expertise to create actionable reports and KPIs based on varying network performance and geospatial considerations Consumer and internally-focused visualization portals using predicted and certified network coverage layers, network performance renderings, tower and network outage maps Crowd-sourced competitive benchmarks to analyze competitor network coverage and performance metrics to identify areas of opportunity and risk

“Quality of Service is a top priority these days, but providers struggle to manage complex customer experiences across disparate wireless networks. By focusing on network QoE, operators and MVNOs will positively differentiate themselves to improve customer loyalty,” said Mosaik president and CEO, Bryan Darr. “Mosaik is in a unique position to deliver multi-layered intelligence and services to help them deliver more positive network experiences.”

Mosaik will showcase its entire network experience portfolio at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 22-25, 2016. Schedule an appointment with Mosaik at Hall 2, Room 2C28MR,

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