Mosaik Solutions Empowers IoT Players with New In-Building Wireless Network Performance Testing Capability

Signal Insights enables mobile operators, system integrators, venue owners and M2M players to better manage indoor cellular and Wi-Fi user experiences  
LAS VEGAS – September 9, 2015 – CTIA Super Mobility Booth #2422 – Mosaik  Solutions,  a  leader  in  telecom  business  intelligence  and visualization  services,  today  announces  the  new  Indoor  Mode  for  Signal Insights.    Launched  at  Super  Mobility  Week  2014,  Signal  Insights  is  the premier software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that analyzes the signal and throughput quality of cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The Indoor Mode is easy to  use  and  scalable  for  companies  that  depend  on  quality  cellular  and/or Wi-Fi  indoor  connectivity  for  their  guests,  employees,  customers  or  M2M services.  These  companies  can  now  test  the  network  performance  across multiple venues, floors and buildings in minutes.
“Poor  indoor  network  connections  and  capacity  problems  cripple  the  end-user  experience,”  said  Bryan  Darr,  president  and  CEO,  Mosaik  Solutions.  “With  our  latest  in-building  testing  capabilities,  companies  can  efficiently understand  indoor  dynamics  that  are  hindering  their  ability  to  deliver  the best possible network experience.”  
The  current  issue  with  many  testing  solutions  is  an  inability  to  accurately locate the device indoors. Signal Insights’ Indoor Mode bypasses the need for  GPS  to  determine  the  device’s  location  by  incorporating  two  unique features. First, a user may upload an image of a floor plan or photograph in the Android application. Second, the Indoor Mode includes an easy-to-use TAP-TEST-GO  feature  where  users  can  “tap”  a  specific  point  on  the  floor plan or image to initiate a “test” and then “go” to the next location.  
Network  performance  measurements  include  signal  strength,  downlink speed,  latency  and  other  signal  and  throughput  quality  metrics  on  any current  consumer  Android  device.  The  results  are  quickly  visualized  and analyzed  using  the  Signal  Insights  online  dashboard.    With  the  business intelligence  collected  from  the  app  and  retrieved  in  the  dashboard, companies  can  develop  tactics  for  managing  customer  expectations  and improving customer experience.
To  learn  more  about  Signal  Insights,  visit  the  Mosaik  Solutions  booth (#2422) at CTIA Super Mobility 2015.  
Additionally,  Todd  Cotts,  director  of  product  management  at  Mosaik Solutions,  will  host  a  free  webinar,  sponsored  by  Mobility  Development Group, titled “More Than a Network…It’s an Experience” on September 16, 2015  at  11:00  a.m.  CST.  Mosaik  encourages  Mobile  Network  Operators wishing  to  learn  how  Signal  Insights  can  help  improve  customer experiences to join the event. For more information and to register for the webinar visit
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