Mosaik Solutions Improves Site Planning Strategies with Key Enhancements to TowerSource

Company further scales platform by adding over 200,000 unique assets and
considerable user experience improvements
LAS VEGAS – Sept. 9, 2015 – CTIA Super Mobility Booth #2422 – Mosaik Solutions,
a leader in telecom business intelligence and visualization services, today announced a
series  of  updates  to  TowerSource,  the  industry’s  largest  and  most  comprehensive
independent  vertical  asset  database.  The  updates  demonstrate  Mosaik’s  steadfast
commitment to improve site planning and acquisition strategies for its clients.
“Since  the  re-launch  of  TowerSource  in  April,  we  have  made  considerable
enhancements  to  the  asset  database  and  user  experience,”  said  John  Gilmer,  vice
president  of  data  integrity,  Mosaik  Solutions.  “By  listening  to  our  customers  and
leveraging  our  team’s  expertise,  we  are  continuing  to  deliver  on  our  commitment  to
make TowerSource the best vertical asset inventory resource available. It provides, in a
single  source,  the  most  complete  perspective  of  the  wireless  infrastructure  landscape
with the level of granularity and detail that is needed in this dynamic environment.”
Mosaik  has  significantly  expanded  the  TowerSource  database  with  over  35,000
additional  assets  comprising  a  range  of  diverse  asset  types  including  broadcast  and
public  safety  structures.  Robust  data  integrity  practices  are  employed  to  ensure
accuracy  and  consistency  when  working  with  all  datasets,  including  data  provided  by
tower companies, the FCC ASR, and ULS.
TowerSource now includes more than 152,000 distinct public safety site locations as an
independent POI (points of interest) data layer. Attributes associated with each location
include  call  sign,  address  and  operator.  With  massive  public-private  infrastructure
investments being planned, utilities and network operators, and government entities can
leverage  this  information  in  conjunction  with  the  other  datasets  within  TowerSource  to
better target efforts to fulfill FirstNet objectives.
Enhancements  to  the  TowerSource  user  interface  provide  Professional  and  Enterprise
clients more flexibility and control. Prominent updates include:
•  Improved  Asset  Detail-  Asset  search  now  includes  filtering  company
information  by  owner  and  manager.    Users  now  have  the  ability  to  favorite  an
asset, save their sessions, and create notes on assets.
•  Photo  Upload  –  Users  may  upload  asset  photos  and  select  whether  to  keep
each photo for personal use or to make it publicly available to the TowerSource
community. Enterprise users have the added ability to mark individual photos as
“collaborative” to share with other team members.
•  Easily  Export  Assets  –  Based  on  user  feedback,  TowerSource  now  provides
users  the  ability  to  export  a  company’s  complete  portfolio  of  assets,  making  it
easier to perform further analysis outside the TowerSource platform.
•  Elevation  Analysis  Feature  –  For  line-of-site  network  considerations,  such  as
microwave links, the elevation analysis feature enables users to draw a single or
multiple paths from point-to-point to reveal elevation metrics profiles in miles and
kilometers,  as  well  as  minimum,  maximum,  standard  deviation  and  elevation
difference between the points.
•  Enterprise  Administration  –  Each  Enterprise  license  now  comes  with  the
administration  wizard  and  dashboard  to  make  it  easier  to  add,  delete  or  modify
team members.
Mosaik  Solutions  announced  the  acquisition  of  TowerSource  at  Super  Mobility  Week
2014,    promising  a  better  way  to  search  and  analyze  vertical  assets.  At  the  time  of
acquisition, TowerSource was the industry’s oldest privately maintained tower database,
operating  since  1990.  Mosaik’s  “reimagined”  TowerSource  was  introduced  at  PCIA’s
Wireless  Infrastructure  Show  in  April  2015  with  a  new  user  interface  and  many  new
Since  the  launch,  TowerSource  has  become  the  industry’s  largest  and  most
comprehensive  independent  vertical  asset  database,  attracting  hundreds  of  new  users
each month. Its unique online interface provides a centralized listing service for vertical
asset  tenants  and  owners,  speeds  search  ring  site  acquisition  studies,  and  facilitates
quick and cost effective site deployment for operators.
To  learn  more  about  TowerSource  and  Mosaik  Solutions,  visit  the  company’s  booth
(#2422)  at  CTIA  Super  Mobility  2015.  To  signup  for  a  TowerSource  subscription,
register online for free at  
Additionally,  Bryan  Darr,  president  and  CEO  of  Mosaik  Solutions,  will  participate  in  a
panel  discussion  at  the  co-located  Tower  and  Small  Cell  Summit  titled  “Wireless
Network  Planning,  Performance  Management  and  Orchestration”  on  Wednesday,
September  9  at  2  p.m.  PT.  The  co-located  event  takes  place  at  the  Las  Vegas  Sands
Expo Center, in San Polo Room 3501A.  
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