Data reveals North America LTE progress but less competition in rural
areas; Sub 1 GHz holdings shown in preparation for Incentive Auction
MEMPHIS, TENN. –  Sept. 2, 2015 – Mosaik Solutions, a leader in telecom business  intelligence  and  visualization  services,  today  announced  the availability  of  its  2015  Wireless  Competitive  Landscape  poster,  which highlights LTE network choice and availability in North America. This year, Mosaik departed from tradition and added a second side to the poster that exhibits  sub  1  GHz  holdings  information  to  prepare  the  industry  for  the upcoming 600 MHz Incentive Auction.  
“Within  the  last  year,  the  U.S.  and  North  America  witnessed  increased consumer acceleration towards an “always connected” lifestyle,” said Bryan Darr,  president  and  CEO  of  Mosaik  Solutions.  “Mosaik’s  poster demonstrates  that  receiving  a  wireless  signal  and  receiving  a  quality  data connection  are  often  two  entirely  different  things.  Additionally,  the  poster serves as an elegant representation of how we empower clients to deliver better customer experiences using Mosaik’s network intelligence.”  
Key highlights from the posters include:
•  82  percent  of  Americans,  or  256  million  people,  now  have  four  or more LTE providers   from which to choose
•  Those  areas  with  four  or  more  LTE  operators  represent  only  14.8 percent of the U.S. landmass  
•  8.7  percent  of  the  U.S.  population,  or  more  than  27  million  people, have two or fewer LTE networks from which to choose
•  More  than  30  percent  of  the  U.S.  land  area  has  no  LTE  service available, a significant portion of that being in Alaska
•  Two  operators  dominate  existing  low-band  spectrum  holdings  in almost all of the top 100 markets
•  Of  the  “Big  4”  wireless  operators,  T-Mobile  has  the  least  low-band spectrum, with no low-band holdings in large swaths of the U.S.
In  the  spotlight,  a  heat  map  of  North  America  shows  the  number  of  LTE networks that are available in areas across the continent. Further insight on network  availability  is  provided  by  a  bar  graph  depicting  population  and landmass covered by LTE.  
In  a  proactive  effort  to  support  the  industry,  Mosaik    displays  low-band spectrum  (or  sub  1  GHz)  holdings  by  each  of  the  “Big  4”  operators,  a parallel  to  the  auction’s  rules  that  restrict  operators  from  bidding  on  all available  licenses  in  a  market  where  they  own  more  than  one-third  of  the spectrum.  The  Full  Power  and  Class  A  TV  Channels  map  depicts  the number  of  stations  that  currently  occupy  the  targeted  channels.  Finally,  a line  graph  shows  the  amount  of  spectrum  held  by  each  of  the  Big  4,  plus “all others,” within each Partial Economic Area (PEA) market, in order from most populated market to the least.
The  poster  also  portrays  a  graphical  representation  of  how  the  new in-building  testing  capabilities  of  Signal  Insights  analyze  network performance,  equipping  clients  with  powerful  network  KPIs  that  enable them  to  deliver  better  customer  experiences.  Operators,  system integrators,  venue  managers,  including  hotels,  and  M2M  players  can quickly  and  affordably  test  network  quality  both  indoors  and  out.  Mosaik Solutions  will  be  demonstrating  the  new  capability  at  next  week’s  CTIA Super Mobility 2015.
The 2015 Wireless Competitive Landscape poster highlights a broad range of Mosaik Solutions’ capabilities. Now in its 11th  year, the poster continues to  be  produced  entirely  in-house.  It  leverages  the  world’s  largest  wireless network coverage database encompassing over 1,750 networks from 850+ operators,  vast  geospatial  processing  capabilities,  telecom  domain knowledge and graphic design expertise available from Mosaik Solutions.  
Printed  posters  of  the  2015  Wireless  Competitive  Landscape  will  be available at Mosaik Solutions’ CTIA Super Mobility booth #2422. Click here (4 MB) to download a digital copy.   
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