Neptuno Group Announces Incorporation of Neptuno Smart Solutions, LLC

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartCitiesWeek 2018, Silicon Valley: Neptuno, a group best known for its international role as a turn-key provider in the Telecommunications Industry, is broadening its horizons by announcing today that it is incorporating Neptuno Smart Solutions, LLC. The new company will aim at addressing the growing demand for consulting, engineering and provisioning of Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) related platforms and infrastructure.

Leticia Latino van Splunteren, CEO of Neptuno USA, Corp. and spokesperson for Neptuno Group expressed enthusiasm about the new venture, “This past year we have been quite involved in the smart city movement through the participation in several National Task Forces and global educational programs, that have validated a big opportunity for companies that are ready to engage with cities, municipalities and the public sector in general to present them with innovative ways in which they can speed up the implementation of Smart City technology and programs. 5G Technology is a game changer for what we will be able to do over mobile networks. Having supplied many of the towers and built many of the sites that became part of the first cellular networks in the Americas, Neptuno is no stranger to making inroads in unexplored areas.” Latino-van Splunteren added: “We are quite excited that through the newly formed Neptuno Smart Solutions, we will have a new focus and the opportunity to be an active player in a transcendental new era.”

About Neptuno USA and Neptuno Group

Neptuno USA is a company of heritage. An offspring of Neptuno Group, a family owned business that counts with over 45 years of international hands on experience in the Telecom, Broadcasting and Utilities industry. During the years, the main focus has been Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of Towers and the Build-to-Suit of Telecom Sites.

In more recent years, the new generation, has made innovative leadership its goal, resulting in several patents, such as the one of the Perfilated Monopole, an enterprise Grade Asset Tracking Software and a revolutionary 3D Tower Mapping that allows you to take any measurement on the tower without even climbing it, and enables the creation of a Digital Library of the Network that is vital in Emergency Recovery Situations. Neptuno is also part of the Wireless Infrastructure Association/Smart City Council National Task Force.