PCIA and CTIA Urge Court to Reject Municipalities’ Lawsuit so That Americans Can Enjoy Better Broadband Deployment and Economic Boost

WASHINGTON, June 9, 2015 – Today, PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association and CTIA-The Wireless Association jointly petitioned the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to reject the lawsuit filed by a handful of localities and uphold the Federal Communications Commission’s 2014 Infrastructure Order that will accelerate wireless broadband deployment by improving wireless facilities siting policies.

Please attribute the following statement to the two associations:

“When the FCC approved its Order, it recognized wireless companies, wireless carriers and infrastructure providers across America must be able to continue to upgrade their networks and improve capacity to meet consumers’ demand for mobile Internet anywhere, anytime. As independent reports repeatedly estimate that usage for mobile services will continue to increase at a rapid pace, it’s vital that wireless companies, wireless carriers and infrastructure providers are able to deploy and update their infrastructure to meet the needs of Americans, businesses and governments.

“Many municipalities recognize the value of wireless to their communities and we are proud to partner with them on best practices. But in some cases, even minor changes to wireless facilities that were already approved in previous siting reviews may face lengthy, unnecessary steps that delay the deployment of new wireless technologies that will enhance our wireless infrastructure. Congress recognized that these delays are an inconvenience to consumers and expensive for providers, but most importantly, they are costly to our national economy: the economic literature confirms a robust link between the availability and quality of wireless service and GDP and job growth.”

For Immediate Release Contact:

PCIA: Timothy Gay, tgay@levick.com; 202-973-1316

CTIA: Amy Storey, astorey@ctia.org, 202-736-3207

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