PCIA CEO Jonathan Adelstein Delivers Keynote at TESSCO One, Warns Mobile Industry of Wireless Data Crunch

Phoenix, AZ, February 23, 2016 –  Jonathan Adelstein, CEO and President of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, told an audience at TESSCO One that a stronger wireless infrastructure is key to ensuring that mobile technologies deliver a future of driverless cars, mobile medicine, enhanced public safety, improved agriculture, and a host of other consumer and business products and services.

Adelstein offered his remarks in a keynote address delivered at TESSCO One, which brings together more than 120 manufacturing partners of wireless technology and thousands of professionals who build, operate, and maintain wireless networks. The retail and commercial experience centers will offer hands-on exploration of drones, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and the newest mobile technologies while placing their potential in a broader industry context.

“We’re facing what I call the wireless data crunch,” Adelstein said. “The issue is that we need to feed that beast – the voracious demand for wireless mobile data — with the network capacity to deliver it.”

Adelstein went on to discuss how increased spectrum, improved technology, and more wireless infrastructure all play a role in meeting the never-ending demand for wireless data from both consumers and businesses.

“We need more spectrum, more efficient technologies – and, above all, in the immediate term, more infrastructure,” he told the audience. “And we need all three as quickly as we can deliver them.  We need to remove regulatory obstacles, train our workforce and address the wireless data crunch head on.” 

The stakes are high, according to Adelstein. Without increased investments and a more favorable regulatory environment for the deployment of wireless infrastructure, the nation’s economy and global leadership could suffer.

“We need to keep up, or we risk missing out,” he said. “We need to prepare for a future that includes driverless cars, precision farming, and the Next Big Thing – because we all know the Next Big Thing will no doubt be wireless.”