PCIA Hails FCC Division Name Change

May 12, 2015 / Alexandria, VA – Jonathan Adelstein President & CEO of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association issued the following statement today in response to the FCC’s decision to rename the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Spectrum and Competition Policy Division the “Competition and Infrastructure Policy Division:”

“PCIA – the Wireless Infrastructure Association applauds the FCC’s decision to rename a division of its Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to include ‘Infrastructure.’ The new name reflects this Commission’s commitment to strengthening wireless infrastructure deployment.

“The move signals the recognition that wireless infrastructure is integral to America’s economic and technological future by Chairman Wheeler, all of the Commissioners, Roger Sherman, Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and Jeff Steinberg, the Deputy Chief of the newly renamed Competition and Infrastructure Policy Division. The name change portends of continued progress by the FCC, on top of the many successful efforts already accomplished, to accelerate wireless infrastructure deployment.”