PCIA Responds to Cisco’s Prediction of Huge Growth in Wireless Data Demand

Jonathan Adelstein, the President and CEO of PCIA – The Wireless  Infrastructure Association, issued this comment in response to the release of today’s Cisco study that projects a tenfold growth in wireless data demand by the year 2019.  

“Cisco’s report needs to be read in context with the lag time for spectral utilization.  Even under the most optimistic scenarios, the amount of new spectrum coming on line in the next five years is nowhere near enough to accommodate the explosive growth rates Cisco predicts. This underscores the essential role that densification of wireless infrastructure will play in meeting wireless data demand. PCIA applauds the bipartisan recognition of the centrality of infrastructure by the FCC, Congress and the Administration, all of which have taken steps to remove barriers and encourage the deployment of wireless networks.”