PCIA Submits Comments to OSHA on Workplace Safety

Attached are comments submitted June 15, 2015,  by PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, in response to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) request for information on workplace safety related to the construction and maintenance of communications facilities.

Jonathan Adelstein, PCIA’s President and CEO, issued this statement: 

“Safety of all workers is of paramount importance to the wireless industry. The answer to improving safety is adherence to today’s existing regulations and evolving standards, coupled with increased education and improved training and apprenticeships. PCIA is committed to enhancing workplace safety and looks forward to working with a diverse group of stakeholders to address the issue and advocate for improvement.”

Among other priorities, PCIA’s comments urged OSHA to strengthen workplace safety by ensuring that:

  • Towers are designed and constructed in accordance with prevailing industry standards;
  • Ongoing maintenance be provided to ensure continued tower safety;
  • Workable industry standards exist for fall protection anchor points;
  • The industry is committed to continuous improvement of safety measures; and

The focus on training and education will result in greater compliance with existing regulations and standards.


PCIA’s Comments