PCIA Urges FCC to Include Wireless in “Advanced Telecommunications Capability” under Section 706

PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association late yesterday submitted the attached comments on the need for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to amend Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act in response to the Eleventh Broadband Progress Notice of Inquiry.

Here are highlights from PCIA’s comments:

“PCIA continuously supports efforts to promote and improve efficient broadband deployment. Like many commenters, PCIA agrees that wireless technology and mobile broadband should be considered in the overall representation of the deployment of ‘advanced telecommunications capability’ to Americans. Consequently, these technologies should be included in the definition of ‘advanced telecommunications capability’ under Section 706. Mobile broadband has become an inextricable part of how Americans live. It is impossible to ignore consumer reliance on this technology and its pervasiveness throughout the country. In fact, several reports demonstrate that many consumers are using mobile broadband exclusively.”

A link to the filing can be found here:  PCIA Section 706 Reply Comments