Prominent role of Wi-Fi® in powering next generation use cases

Wi-Fi® is a critical complement to cellular, with its own unique advantages

Wi-Fi carries more than half of today’s mobile data traffic and will continue to complement cellular – LTE or 5G – networks to serve critical business operations. Wi-Fi and 5G are strong complements in many next-generation connectivity scenarios. For example, the future of the digitally connected car will depend on a combination of cellular data services and in-vehicle Wi-Fi capabilities. The connected car might use in-vehicle Wi-Fi for connectivity between riders and streaming infotainment services, while the car itself may rely on 5G for vehicle-to-vehicle communication with someone in their carpool or to maintain a connection to cloud navigation services while driving down the highway. Wi-Fi and 5G together will accelerate next-generation connectivity trends, but next-generation use cases may require capabilities that are unique to one or the other. In particular, Wi-Fi 6 has a strong set of powerful advantages, and Wi-Fi’s overall inherent strengths like affordability, ubiquity, and ease of use make it the most compelling choice for certain use cases. Three areas where Wi-Fi brings a strong value proposition include indoor networking, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and dense public deployments.

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