Pennsylvania Wireless Association (PWA) Joins WIA’s State Wireless Association Program (SWAP)

PWA is committed to educating consumers, operators and municipalities about the wireless telecommunications industry and the critical role it plays in Pennsylvania. PWA also supports legislation to improve overall telecommunications technology for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Philip Burtner, P.E., leads a robust board for PWA that also includes Barbara Burba, CEO of Amerisite Wireless Development, industry consultant Michael Damiano, and 10 other members. The association hosts a variety of networking events each year, including an annual golf tournament, a clay shoot and regional winter socials. PWA supports several charitable organizations including the Penn State Children’s Hospital, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Hubble Foundation.

PWA joins WIA’s seven other SWAP members: California Wireless Association, Carolinas Wireless Association, Maryland/DC Wireless Association, New Jersey Wireless Association, New York State Wireless Association, Northwest Wireless Association and the Virginia Wireless Association. WIA supports these associations by assisting with advocacy efforts, member recruitment, revenue generation via events, marketing, association promotion, website design and maintenance, and administrative tasks.

The SWAP promotes the wireless industry and raises technology awareness at the state and local level. Individual associations are created under the SWAP umbrella to develop a local presence for the wireless industry within the community. It is vital to the continued growth of the industry to have a single force addressing local issues and responsibilities. Working together under the SWAP, companies can cultivate and develop positive relationships between the wireless industry and the community leadership. The state wireless associations welcome anyone involved in the wireless industry including, but not limited to, carriers, tower companies, vendors, services organizations, law firms, title companies, environmental companies, construction companies, network consultants, engineering firms and individual site acquisition agents.