Reflections after one month on the job

It’s hard to believe that I have been WIA CEO for a month already.  Time flies when you’re leading an organization that is as dynamic and innovative as the industry it represents.  After four weeks on the job, countless meetings with the amazing WIA staff, fruitful conversations with the FCC, NTIA, and White House on important policy issues, collaborative discussions with numerous association leaders and industry partners, and visits with members in five states (with many more to come), I can proudly say that it is an honor and a privilege to be the CEO of the Wireless Infrastructure Association.  The future (and present!) is bright, and the future is wireless – and WIA is going to continue to be a powerful and effective voice as we shape that future together. 

Through my travel and meetings, several things have stood out –  

  • WIA is effective because of the amazing technology and services its members provide and enable, and the jobs they create in every community.  The wireless infrastructure story is incredible, and we will redouble our efforts to tell that story. 
  • WIA is a family, with deep relationships among industry leaders, employers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.  The bonds within this industry are remarkably strong.  WIA’s success is our members’ success, and we are all in this together.  
  • WIA’s foundation is solid thanks to the strong support and vision of our Board of Directors and the great work of the WIA staff – I depend on them and thank every WIA employee (past and present) for their commitment and dedication to the important work we do. 

Our job at WIA is to make our members’ jobs easier, so they can do the work they do best: build and operate the best networks in the world.  There are many opportunities for WIA to do even more, and to do what we are doing well even better.  And we will.     

We will be laser-focused on the “I” in WIA because there is no other association whose mission is to bring together all elements of the infrastructure that enable the wireless ecosystem – from macro towers, small cells and DAS, to radios, antennas and software, and the intersection of edge computing and the cloud.  In addition to the technology, we are a convener – bringing together the people that are making it all happen today and those future innovators and builders that we are bringing into the industry through important training and workforce development efforts.  WIA will continue to be the glue that binds all this together.   

We will work tirelessly to ensure rules and regulations facilitate sustainable and responsible deployment, spur innovation and investment, and allow our members to compete on a level playing field.  We will put on premier wireless industry events (join us in May for Connect(X) in New Orleans!).  Our workforce development efforts will help build the workforce needed to complete the 5G buildout and the networks of tomorrow.  And we will proudly promote the success and importance of this industry to policymakers and the media – highlighting what WIA members do to enable competitive choices for consumers, online education, telehealth, smart cities and factory floors, autonomous vehicles, public safety communications and a greener environment, just to name a few.   

Our industry has a great story to tell, and I am thrilled to be leading an association and a team that is making the future possible.  Please reach out to me or anyone else on the WIA team with any feedback or ideas at any time.  

Here’s to many more successful years ahead!