Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves Visit JMA Wireless’ New 5G Manufacturing Facility

SYRACUSE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, two months after the historic signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves toured JMA Wireless’ (JMA) state-of-the-art 5G factory in downtown Syracuse, New York—the first and only U.S.-owned 5G manufacturing facility in the country.

In a press conference prior to the tour, Leader Schumer highlighted JMA’s role in creating high-tech jobs in New York State, expanding broadband access across the country, and advancing U.S. leadership in 5G wireless technology. JMA currently employs more than 500 people in New York State and its new facility is expected to create at least another 200 jobs.

“I want to thank JMA CEO John Mezzalingua for his company’s leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the global race to innovation in 5G,” said Leader Schumer. “We are standing in the ONLY American-owned 5G factory in the U.S. Not only is JMA working to make Syracuse the 5G capital of the U.S., it is investing and creating good-paying manufacturing jobs in a part of the city that so desperately needs it.”

Deputy Secretary Graves said, “I want to thank the JMA team for helping to lead a comeback in U.S. technology manufacturing. The investments they are making in the city, its workers and 5G are absolutely critical to our nation’s infrastructure and our leadership going forward. Leadership in 5G and 6G isn’t just good for our businesses and workers, it also sets us up to compete more effectively on the world stage.”

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ensures that the bedrock of New York’s economy—its infrastructure—receives the long-awaited funding it needs to meet growing demand and support workers throughout the state. The significant investment in broadband access will help to bring affordable internet to all Americans.

JMA CEO John Mezzalingua commended Senator Schumer and Deputy Secretary Graves for championing the legislation and supporting business development in New York State more broadly:

“This is a historic investment in our nation’s physical and digital infrastructure. I want to thank members of the New York congressional delegation, particularly Senate Majority Leader Schumer, for their hard work to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. I also want to thank Deputy Secretary Graves for his work supporting 5G innovation the U.S. JMA applauds the inclusion of ’Build America, Buy America’ provisions in the new infrastructure law, which will support American workers, including the at least 200 people JMA expects to hire at our 5G facility in downtown Syracuse. Importantly, this is just the beginning of a broader expansion and investment in Syracuse that we expect to create even more jobs over time.”

The new facility will house JMA’s corporate headquarters and manufacture its most advanced 5G equipment, including radios, embedded antennas, and millimeter wave products. The factory is scheduled to open the week of February 28.

About JMA

A disruptive force in the wireless industry, JMA is restoring U.S. leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the transition to 5G. Based in Syracuse, New York, JMA makes the world’s most advanced software-based 5G platform, which it designs, codes, and manufactures in the United States. JMA’s cutting-edge technology—most notably a revolutionary software solution called XRAN—is ushering in a new era of innovation and connectivity for businesses, workers, and ultimately consumers. For more information, visit