Sensorly Amplifies Crowdsourced Coverage Intel in Latest iOS Update

For the first time, iOS users can actively track and share intelligence on network coverage between destinations using new Map Trip feature

MEMPHIS, TENN. – February 21, 2017 – Sensorly, a long time trusted source for unbiased cellular and Wi-Fi coverage intelligence, has added Map Trip, an exciting new feature onto its recently refreshed 4.2.0 update for iOS. Map Trip empowers anyone with the iOS app to actively contribute data along his or her route, making the overall map experience at a hyper-local level more informative for all.

Whether driving, walking, jogging or biking, Map Trip offers Sensorly users a bird’s-eye-view of signal strength and available network coverage in any given area. With a tap of a button, Map Trip will track and map signal data along your route in near real time. The data is then anonymously uploaded to the Sensorly servers, providing valuable intelligence to help others who travel similar routes make better decisions on choosing a network provider.

“The response we received following our initial 4.0 update was incredibly positive, and the new Map Trip is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the Sensorly community with the most comprehensive and unbiased wireless network information,” said Ben Shepherd, vice president of software products and engineering at Mosaik. “None of our competitors offer the level of mapping we can provide today, and the 4.2.0 update is only the beginning. We also have several updates coming later this year for our Android users including an improved SDK, a fully re-designed Android app, and much more.”

Highlights of the new Sensorly 4.2.0 update include:

Better mapping capabilities: Map Trip collects live data as the iOS device moves, ensuring data accuracy and granularity. Network connections are color coded, making it easier to read and follow the various trips taken. Users can easily reference older trips or delete activity if it’s no longer relevant. Those on desktops can also get valuable information directly from Sensorly’s website and benefit from the abundance of community data.

Better battery conservation: In the past, actively collecting data meant sacrificing battery life. The application and features like Map Trip are developed with battery conservation in mind. Benefits of Apple’s Swift programming language include an overall benefit of reduced power consumption. Plus, by only collecting data when the device moves, the impact on battery consumption is minimized.

More to come: Sensorly 4.2.0 isn’t the only update. Users can already see minor updates to the Android app beginning to roll out, and a new Android app launching around mid-year. New network maps for the Netherlands, Russia and India have been added, with more on the way in the coming months.

Due to iOS restrictions, Map Trip will only gather data when the app is running in the foreground. Users will receive a notification as soon as a trip is paused if the app moves to the background. Reopening the app will resume the existing trip if done within 5 minutes.

Sensorly 4.2.0 is available now for download in the App Store and currently compatible for all Apple mobile devices running on iOS 8.2 or higher.
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