From WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein: WIA Looks to Wireless Infrastructure Support from New Administration

We enter 2021 with change in Washington and optimism at WIA. We look forward to working with the new Administration and Congress, who are heavily focused on our industry and its role in advancing the entire U.S. economy. We will continue advocating on your behalf to policymakers how best to maintain a pro-wireless climate. Congress and the Administration are acutely focused on expanding broadband across the country. We are concentrating on working toward what could prove the largest federal investment in broadband infrastructure in U.S. history – potentially tens of billions. We will do everything we can to make sure that it is effective in enabling 5G. Because if it works for our members, that means it works in practice. 

With 5G poised to boost the economy and jobs, we at WIA are staying in constant communication with the White House, members of Congress, and the new leaders of government agencies. WIA also remains committed building a trained 5G workforce to address the skills gap so that talent development keeps up with demand. If the federal government places more demand on our workforce, we are working to ensure the supply of skilled workers keeps up. We are focused on finding you as employers the resources and policies that will provide you with what you need to recruit, retain, and develop your company’s workforce. We understand that jobs performed more efficiently, safely, and faster is essential to your bottom line.  

More important now than ever in the workforce is fostering diversity and inclusion. Building a trained, diversified workforce is essential to success. WIA will continue its efforts to bring new populations into telecommunications through outreach and engagement, including in partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  

We encourage you to engage with WIA as we work together to build the successes of our industry. We invite you to join a Committee by getting in touch with, enroll your team members in skills development courses through the Telecommunications Education Center, sign on to benefit from apprentices at your company with the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program, or join us at WIA’s annual conference and trade show Connect (X) as a sponsorexhibitorattendee, or speaker. It’s not too late to plan for the industry’s first major in-person event since Spring 2020!  

It’s true that 2020 was a challenge full of sacrifices and unprecedented hurdles. And especially in this pandemic, we are grateful for all you do to keep our nation connected. I’m proud of the role our industry is playing in helping the entire country get through this pandemic. We appreciate your tireless commitment and your company’s around-the-clock efforts. WIA is here to serve you and to work with you toward success.