Telenor Connexion Streamlines Global Coverage Marketing and Analysis Capabilities with CellMaps and MapELEMENTS from Mosaik

MEMPHIS, TENN– February 26, 2018 – Telenor Connexion, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has selected Mosaik’s Cellmaps and MapELEMENTS solutions to help them more effectively investigate, analyze and market their global IoT coverage footprints.

CellMaps and MapELEMENTS both provide access to Mosaik’s global coverage database, the world’s largest source of mobile network coverage footprints, covering over 225 countries, 850 operators and 2000 networks around the world.

That access, when combined with MapELEMENTS’ GIS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities, for example, makes it easier than ever for Telenor Connexion to perform competitive analyses, research potential partners and ultimately make better business decisions for themselves and their customers. Add to that Mosaik’s self-service CellMaps Admin solution, and Telenor Connexion gains the ability to select the roaming networks they’ve deemed best for their customer’s needs, review the maps created and quickly show off all their hard work by publishing directly online. Simple, elegant and effective.

“Mosaik’s MapELEMENTS allows us to analyze competitors and identify the best roaming partners in each market for each use case. Once we have identified our global roaming partners, we use CellMaps to create informative global coverage maps that can be easily published online. This helps us to quickly and accurately market our best-in-class IoT offerings, which becomes a major competitive differentiator for us in this increasingly connected world,” said Mikael Kihlbert, head of roaming and traffic for Telenor Connexion. “Being able to ensure that our customers have the best possible coverage information available gives us a decided edge over our competitors.”

Key benefits of the partnership:

  • Quickly evaluate potential roaming partners and competitors –

With Mosaik’s MapELEMENTS, Telenor Connexions no longer has to manually research and attempt to gather coverage from each potential partner or competitor, and then try to piecemeal that coverage together into a useful format for comparative analysis.

  • Improved customer experience –
    CellMaps enhances Telenor Connexions ability to more quickly and clearly communicate the breadth and strength of their global IoT coverage reach, increasing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We’re excited to partner with a world class IoT organization like Telenor Connexion. Helping them to showcase their global coverage, which is an incredibly important asset, is a critical role our team has been proud to take on,” said Andrew Miceli, vice president of global sales and marketing for Mosaik. “As the IoT provider’s role in our global economy evolves, the ability to identify and display coverage seamlessly across multiple technologies and frequencies is what will differentiate and ensure increased market share for our customers”.

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About Telenor Connexion
Telenor Connexion designs and operates Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Building on close to 20 years of experience, a strong solutions portfolio and a collaborative approach, Telenor Connexion makes it easy to realize the value of connected services. Together with customers such as Volvo, Scania, Hitachi, Verisure Securitas Direct and Husqvarna, the company has designed smart and innovative IoT solutions deployed across the globe. Telenor Connexion supports its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle – from solution design to operations and future development. By partnering with Telenor Connexion customers are ensured a reliable and secure end-to-end solution that can evolve over time. Headquarters and tech centre are located in Sweden and the company has regional offices in UK, Germany, US and Japan. Telenor Connexion is wholly owned by Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. For more information please visit

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