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Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program Board Adds T-Mobile’s Heather Gastelum and MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services’ Stephanie Brewer

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) is pleased to announce that Heather Gastelum, T-Mobile’s senior manager for national site safety & T-Mobile for Business Development, and Stephanie Brewer, Compliance Coordinator for MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services, were elected to serve on WIA’s Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) Advisory Board.

“The TIRAP Board welcomes Heather and Stephanie and appreciates their vision toward building a trained and safe telecommunications workforce through apprenticeships. TIRAP is empowered when experienced leaders like Heather and Stephanie join in furthering our mission,” said TIRAP Chairperson Paul Roberts, Vice President, Compliance, American Tower Corporation.

“TIRAP’s Advisory Board is expanding with just the right new members at a time when the industry is growing and when wireless workforce jobs are in the greatest demand,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “We welcome Heather and Stephanie’s leadership to the Board and admire their commitment to the workforce and their leadership to diversify the industry. The TIRAP Board will grow stronger with their engagement.”

“Apprenticeship-based training is effective and practical for an industry where hands-on education and in-the-field mentorship is crucial,” said Grant Seiffert, TIRAP Executive Director and WIA’s Vice President of Workforce Development. “We are thrilled to bring Heather’s and Stephanie’s expertise to the TIRAP Advisory Board as we continue to forge ahead in developing a trained wireless workforce.”

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About TIRAP:
The Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) is a joint venture of telecommunications companies, industry associations, and the U.S. Department of Labor (“DoL”) that develops DoL-credentialed apprenticeship programs available to qualified employers for career development of the telecommunications workforce.

TIRAP’s mission is to partner with stakeholders to promote safety, enhance quality, and enable education and advancement opportunities in the telecommunications workforce that will meet network infrastructure build-out needs.

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) is the National Sponsor of TIRAP.

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