Welcome to WIA’s Member Minute

Welcome to the launch of WIA’s new monthly update: the WIA Member Minute. This newsletter will provide you, as a WIA member, with brief Read more snapshots of what WIA does for you and your business around the clock that you can read in a minute or less. We strive to provide you with resources that connect you to partners, peers, and policymakers, and we aim to offer something for everyone in the wireless infrastructure industry. We are excited to produce communication worthy of your time, and we hope that it ties you to our strong community of members and to WIA.  

In no time at all, we will see many of you at Connect (X) in Orlando for the preeminent event for wireless infrastructure, May 20-23. Focusing on 5G build-out and deployment, Connect (X) is an outstanding industry event to develop business opportunities, keep up with the latest trends in the industry through world-class education programming, and engage in innovative technology showcases. Find new features about the show in the Connect (X) section of the Member Minute. If you miss this year’s show, look for recaps and live posts on WIA’s social media channels. Also search for “Connectivity Expo” in the App Store or on Google Play to schedule meetings with attendees and more through the Connect (X) app.

Please feel free to provide any feedback or comments so that the WIA Member Minute can be worth a minute of your time as a valued member. If you have any questions about your membership benefits, do not hesitate to contact membership@wia.org. 

Thank you, and enjoy reading many volumes to come. 

Jonathan Adelstein
President and CEO
Wireless Infrastructure Association