Wi-Fi’s infrastructure foundational for private wireless convergence

Wi-Fi® and private cellular networks have different advantages and disadvantages, which makes a compelling case for their combined use. During the Connect (X) 2022 event session Wi-Fi and Private Cellular Network Coexistence, Kevin Robinson, Wi-Fi Alliance® SVP of Marketing, hosted a panel consisting of Dave Wright, Head of Global Wireless Policy for Aruba (a Hewitt Packard Enterprise company), Steve Wimsatt, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Business Development for Commscope, and Jason Huitt, Director of Networking and Telecommunications for Colorado State University. The panelists explored specific use cases for Wi-Fi and private cellular networks, including healthcare and education, where these internet technologies coexist to provide a seamless, low-latency experience for users. In particular, because the backend infrastructure for these use cases is based on Wi-Fi, the panelists determined that IT managers must adapt private cellular to this existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in order to achieve true convergence.

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