WIA Announces New Certification for CBRS Certified Professional Installer

ARLINGTON, Va. – At a time of rapid development in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) market, the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) announced its newest addition to the Telecommunications Education Center (TEC) – Certification for CBRS Certified Professional Installer

“In our fast-changing industry, TEC is working overtime to develop training to meet current employer needs. TEC provides cutting-edge training that is delivered nimbly to new and existing employees on-demand. Best of all, it is at a fraction of the cost it would take for companies to develop the training on their own. As CBRS deployments accelerate, this certification will ensure quality installation and robustness of the networks,” said WIA CTO Rikin Thakker. “Our CBRS program is powered by Federated Wireless and is a carefully designed online course based on the guidelines and standards approved by the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum). Because the course is self-paced, it can be completed online at course participants’ convenience.”  

Participants who complete the course will become Certified Professional Installers for CBRS-based systems. TEC courses are developed by WIA with contributions from academia, subject matter experts, and members. 

To learn more, visit the TEC website or visit the blog by WIA CTO Dr. Rikin Thakker for his 5G-expert insight on the importance of industry training. 


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