WIA Applauds Commissioner O’Rielly’s Nomination Advancement, Encourages Senate to Re-Confirm

Statement from WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein:

“WIA applauds the advancement of the nomination of Commissioner Michael O’Rielly by the Senate Commerce Committee to continue his outstanding service on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Commissioner O’Rielly is unquestionably of the highest caliber in character and qualifications, and he has accomplished so much in his time at the Commission,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “For years, he has championed broadband deployment, making spectrum more available, and winning the race to 5G. Commissioner O’Rielly’s vision, commitment, and integrity make him a slam dunk for a third term at the FCC. I urge the Senate to expeditiously re-confirm him to so that he can continue to lead the way for America’s next-generation wireless services.”   


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