WIA Applauds FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai for Efforts to Remove Barriers to Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

The Wireless Infrastructure Association released the following statement from Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of WIA, regarding remarks made by FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Tuesday, Sept. 13 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“We applaud Commissioner Pai for his work to remove barriers to the widespread deployment of wireless infrastructure which will unleash the vast benefits of mobile broadband for consumers and the economy.  Mobile broadband has the power to transform a city or neighborhood in economic decline into an innovation hub. It can breathe new life into aging commercial zones, and provide rural areas the ability to compete in the innovation economy.

“We agree with the Commissioner that it is squarely within the FCC’s authority to take additional steps to streamline the deployment of wireless facilities, which will ensure America leads on 5G deployment.  The sensible steps laid out by Commissioner Pai, such as pole attachment rule reform, improved siting on federal lands, ‘dig once’ policies, and tightened shot clocks will help ensure high-speed broadband infrastructure gets deployed quickly and efficiently.

“Wireless infrastructure is the essential platform that delivers the innovative applications many of us use daily, as well as life-altering broadband services like telemedicine, distance learning, and improved public safety.  Continued investment in robust wireless infrastructure will foster innovation and build upon America’s historical competitiveness in the technology sector.”