WIA Applauds FCC Decision to Streamline Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) applauds the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision today to promote wireless infrastructure deployment, especially for public safety and 5G upgrades.  

“This decision is key to expediting wireless infrastructure deployment. Streamlining rules for collocation is crucial for emergency communications to ensure public safety and for the U.S. to remain competitive in the race to 5G,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “The FCC’s action today reduces barriers for sensible, limited expansions to existing tower sites, which should be the easiest work to get approved. The FCC’s action will immediately begin promoting collocation for 5G and public safety equipment like new competitors, edge data centers, small cell hubs, and emergency generators that have negligible environmental impact. WIA thanks Commissioner Carr for his leadership and commitment to clearing the path for swift and efficient 5G deployment. WIA also thanks Chairman Pai and Commissioner O’Reilly for their unwavering support in maintaining the nation’s wireless leadership.”   

This decision will accelerate the deployment of 5G by providing means for modifications to existing tower compounds involving limited site expansion without unnecessary and potentially extensive and costly local reviews.  


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The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) represents the businesses that build, own, and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure. On the federal, state, and local levels, WIA advocates for the widespread., responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure to enable mobile broadband access for communities everywhere. 

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