WIA Applauds House Passage of Infrastructure Bill and Flexible Broadband Funding Strategy

ARLINGTON, Va. – WIA applauds the bipartisan approval by the House of Representatives of the historic infrastructure bill, with its unprecedented $65 billion investment in broadband deployment and access. WIA advocated the all-of-the-above broadband strategy Congress adopted in authorizing mobile and fixed wireless to compete for broadband funding, which will help close the digital divide and win the race to 5G.  

“WIA commends the bipartisan efforts behind this monumental investment in America’s economic future, which will rely on 5G,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “By approving funding that can include wireless broadband, Congress enabled innovative, cost-effective, and geographically appropriate mobile and fixed wireless service to connect consumers more quickly and efficiently. Now we need the Administration and states to implement the law consistent with its mandates for technological flexibility and for prioritizing applicants that can deploy faster to unserved areas, which certainly includes wireless providers.”


About WIA:

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) represents the businesses that build, develop, own, and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure. WIA advocates for the widespread, responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure to enable mobile broadband for communities everywhere. 

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