WIA Applauds New Wireless Infrastructure Law in Virginia

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) issued to the following statement from CEO and President Jonathan Adelstein regarding the signing of a new law that streamlines the process for deploying wireless infrastructure.

“WIA commends Governor McAuliffe for signing this important legislation, which streamlines how wireless infrastructure is deployed in Virginia. Creating a fair business environment—in the form of common definitions, predictable timelines, and a facilitated process to utilize existing structures—is vital to ensuring communities throughout Virginia have access to mobile broadband networks.

“Streamlined permitting processes spur the widespread deployment of wireless infrastructure. As wireless providers look for ways to improve network capacity in the near term while thinking ahead to future 5G deployments, smart small cell placement today will clear the runway for the 5G networks of tomorrow. As such, removing impediments to this deployment is a key priority for wireless providers at all levels of government.”